head-start: partner and dependant


You’re on your way to landing in one of the most beautiful and friendly countries on earth! Take the first step towards your new life in Australia by becoming a Head-Start member and be secure in the knowledge that you are going to arrive in style with VIP treatment!

hanson|porter|curzon are proud to offer as part of our Head-Start series of services, a comprehensive Package to assist Partners and Dependants of new arrivals.

We take the hassle out of arriving in a new country and make life easy for you by providing you with your essential Australian identity documents and key tools so you can accelerate through the administrative burden and get out and experience Australia.

Arriving in a new country without local knowledge can be a daunting prospect, even if you are a seasoned traveler. It’s the little things that can help make the first few weeks a pain-free and exciting experience, rather than the confusing and tiresome process it is for most.

Often Partners and dependants can be overlooked when it comes to establishing communication, banking, transport and healthcare registrations and services. Most of the time it’s all about the income earner; what do they need to get ready for work, find employment and so on.

As a Partner or Dependant of a newly arrived student, professional or entrepreneur, it’s not always necessary to double up on all the information and administration requirements – you just need the essentials.
Cameron Bodley, Director

It is exactly for this reason that hanson|porter|curzon have developed the Head-Start Partner and Dependant service to assist the Partner or Dependents to obtain the same level of care and service in establishing their key Australian identity documents and services.

As a registered member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, the Tax Practitioners Board and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, you can feel secure in knowing that your affairs are being professionally cared for.

Professional Head-Start services included:

  1. Preparation and lodgement of your individual tax file number
    • We register you and send you your tax-file-number where ever you are in Australia.
    • As Tax Agents, we’re here to help whatever your tax situation.
  2. Australian Fee-Free bank account opening:
    • We set you up with a transaction & savings account
    • Give you a personal banker
    • One of Australia’s largest banks
    • 1,000’s of ATM’s to access your money
  3. Australian Medicare Card or Exemption:
    • Register you with Medicare Australia (the Australian Medical System) or process the exception paperwork so you don’t pay for services you can’t use!
  4. Pre-Paid Mobile phone SIM and number
    • Includes call/text/MMS credit of $40
    • With Australia’s largest telecommunications carrier
  5. Public transport card
    • We get you moving with a transport card registered just for you with $50 credit, so you can go anywhere fast on your local public transport network.


  • Free Mobile phone
  • Free subscription to the hanson|porter|curzon monthly tax newsletter

Rest easy and feel confident in the knowledge that during your first few weeks in Australia we are looking out for YOU!

Your time won’t be taken up with boring administration and standing in lines!

Receive the professional advice that gives you the Head-Start that you deserve for a total peace of mind investment of:


AU$726 (inc. taxes)

Download Head-Start Partners & Dependants Package brochure (PDF)

Services to assist with Australian tax compliance:

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