head-start: individual tax starter

hanson|porter|curzon are proud to offer as part of our Head-Start series of services, a comprehensive Tax Package to assist new entrants within the Australian Tax System.

The Australian Taxation System is a complex and ever changing piece of legislative work that is made up of several Acts of Parliament and thousands of pages of legislation.

Tax compliance is the headache that every Australian and some non-residents of Australia have to comply with. Tax minimization strategies, tax advisors and maximizing your tax deductions have historically been reserved for the rich. But not anymore.

Good tax advice, provided in a timely and constructive way, can save even the average taxpayer thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars a year.
Cameron Bodley, Director

Tax advice is often thought of only once a year, at tax time, which is often too late. Yet, as one of the single largest real expenditures out of our incomes, tax and advice about how to legally minimize our tax, is often neglected. Many tax payers opt to go it alone rather than seek professional assistance, because they are concerned about the cost, but expert, timely advice will generally save you money and certainly take the stress out of trying to do it yourself. For new entrants to the Australian Tax System, this advice is even more valuable.

It is primarily for this reason that hanson|porter|curzon have developed the Head-Start Individual Tax Starter service to assist new residents in obtaining advice in a timely, logical and affordable manner to help unlock potential tax benefits. With the right strategies and forethought these benefits could be worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per year.

As a registered member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, the Tax Practitioners Board and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, you can feel secure in knowing that your financial affairs are being professionally cared for.

Professional Tax services included:

  1. Preparation and lodgement of your first Australian individual income tax return.
  2. Personal tax advice regarding employment in Australia, including:
    • What to expect as a new employee?
    • What to expect from your employer?
    • What documents you need?
  3. Salary packaging advice and calculations to minimise your income tax, including:
    • Living-away-from-home-allowance
    • Salary sacrifice strategies
    • Motor vehicle benefits
    • Superannuation
    • Other tax effective strategies
  4. Your dedicated individual tax advisor
    • Know who you’re going to call, every time you call
  5. 12 months tax advice
    • Includes up to 3 tax oriented questions per month.
  6. Australian Income Tax Audit Insurance
    • Coverage is limited to professional tax time costs of dealing with any Australian Tax Office initiated review or audit
    • Insurance cover is for professional services completed by hanson|porter|curzon only
    • Client information not supplied at the time when original services completed voids this insurance
    • Cover is for 12 months from date of purchase
  7. Subscription to our monthly Newsletter (Great for tax tips)
  8. Planning and recording of your 12 month financial budget
    • Great for cashflow forecasting
    • Helps with saving goals
    • Can be for personal or investment purposes
  9. Individual tax information. Topics include:
    • Tax Residency
    • Medicare Levy & Surcharge
    • Income Tax Rates
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Investment and Work Deductions
    • and more
  10. Individual superannuation information
    • What am I entitled to?
    • How can I maximise its performance?


Australian Tax File Number (TFN) application processing.

We automatically register you under our Tax Agent Licence with the Australian Tax Office.

We receive correspondence and liaise with the Tax Office on your behalf.

Fast, complementary and hassle free.

Rest easy and feel confident in the knowledge that your financial and tax affairs are receiving the attention they deserve.

Receive the professional advice that could save you thousands for a total tax deductible investment of:


AU$990 (inc. taxes)

Download Head-Start Individual Tax Starter Package brochure (PDF)

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