head-start: business and entrepreneur


You’re on your way to landing in one of the most beautiful and friendly countries on earth! Take the first step towards your new life in Australia by becoming a Head-Start member and be secure in the knowledge that you are going to arrive in style with VIP treatment!

hanson|porter|curzon are proud to offer as part of our Head-Start series of services, a comprehensive Professional and Skilled Package to assist new arrivals to Australia.

We take the hassle out of arriving in a new country and make life easy for you by providing you with your essential Australian identity documents, key tools and information so you can accelerate through the administrative burden and get out and experience Australia.

Arriving in a new country to set up a new business without local knowledge can be a daunting prospect, even if you are a seasoned entrepreneur. It’s the little things that can help make the first few weeks a pain-free and exciting experience, rather than the confusing and tiresome process it is for most.

As an entrepreneur your time is at a premium, you have a myriad of tasks to perform and information to comprehend in order to commence your new business venture. This is made all the more difficult as you are operating in a new country where processes, people and legalities are foreign.

By partnering with hanson|porter|curzon you have the ability to immediately delegate all these tasks to a team of professionals and move forward with confidence and start implementing your business plan.

A dedicated professional partner that has local knowledge and expertise is essential for success! - Cameron Bodley, Director

It is exactly for this reason that hanson|porter|curzon have developed the Head-Start Business and Entrepreneur service to assist aspiring entrepreneurs to concentrate on establishing their new business.

As a registered member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, the Tax Practitioners Board and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, you can feel secure in knowing that your affairs are being professionally cared for.

The hanson|porter|curzon Head-Start: Business and Entrepreneur package includes:

  • 1 x Head-Start: Professional and Skilled package

You receive all the necessary registration, identity and financial information you need!


  • Business Income Tax Information
  • Government Grants and Assistance Information
  • Employer and Director Responsibilities Information
  • 2 hours of a hanson|porter|curzon Directors time for business and tax planning

This provides you with a comprehensive information platform to accelerate your business incorporation and commence trading.


  • Free airport pickup and transfer to CBD on arrival
  • Free IPAD 2 SIM and 3GB data

Professional Head-Start services included*:


  1. Preparation and lodgement of your individual tax file number
  2. Australian Fee-Free bank account opening
  3. Australian Medicare Card or Exemption
  4. Pre-Paid Mobile phone SIM, number and $40 credit
  5. Pre-Paid Mobile internet and 5GB data download
  6. Australian drivers licence information toolkit
  7. Motor vehicle guide
  8. Tenancy guide for renting property
  9. Home Buying guide
  10. Recruitment and job prospecting information
  11. Individual tax information
  12. Superannuation and pension information
  13. Events guides
  14. Locality maps
  15. Government assistance from Centrelink
  16. Private Health Insurance information
  17. Access to our professional network; including Lawyers, Mortgage brokers, Risk and Financial advisors

Plus much more!


  • Free Mobile phone
  • Free subscription to the hanson|porter|curzon monthly tax newsletter


  1. Business tax information; Includes
    • Federal, state and income and payroll tax information
  2. Government Grants and Assistance information
    • Is your new business eligible for Government funding?
  3. Employer and Director responsibilities information
    • Know your rights and responsibilities under Australian legislation as a director and your obligations to your employees
  4. 2 hours of a hanson|porter|curzon Directors’ time for business and tax planning
    • Establish a comprehensive tax entity structure and strategy for your new enterprise.

* For a more detailed description of services and products supplied for the Professional and Skilled package please refer to the individual promotional materials.

Rest easy and feel confident in the knowledge that during your first few weeks in Australia we are looking out for YOU!

Your time won’t be taken up with boring administration and standing in lines!

Receive the professional advice that could save you thousands in future taxes and gives you the Head-Start that you deserve for a total peace of mind investment of:


AU$2,200 (inc. taxes)

Download Head-Start Business and Entrepreneur Package brochure (PDF)

Other Complimentary Head-Start services to assist with Australian tax compliance: